The waterfall

Waterfall in Dharamkot, Dharamshala, Himalayan Pradesh, India

The Waterfall

You send me to see the waterfall today
To wash my hands
And clean the sweat of my back
To invoke stillness on my mind
And clearness in my heart
To conquer my ego
So I could wear it as trophy round my neck

But the mind will not be forced
And the heart is not easily diverged
With caves of stubborn pockets of resistance
as guerrilla emotions fighting from hidden places

The path tried to hide itself
with jungle and with rocks
With its mighty roar
the water tried to scare me
but a determined mind
and a steady pace
lead me to see the waterfall today

Happiness rolled over me
As I entered the cold stream
Bold and with a mad smile upon my face
I felt joy
If I were a holy man
This would be a sacred space
where an endless desire to flow
lets young water patient and confident
caress the ancient rock

When euphoria had left my veins
My body was laid down
And there on the rocks was peace
In the clear waters
That passes by
In the song of the birds
To whom this is their home

With sun warming my bare body
I tasted that the waterfall
was drenched in your spirit
And flowing with your love
The stream of refreshing water
Gave me joy, and happiness
And in the cave of my heart
There was peace
And warmth
It felt renewed

I went down to the waterfall today
And I met you there


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