4 in the morning

What is it with all the mentions of 4 o’clock in the morning in our culture? They seem to be everywhere. At least if you are like performance poet Rives!

Crowdsourcing the 4 A.M. mystery

I’ve loved Rives since his 2006 talk ‘If I controlled the Internet’. Funny, beautiful, and a new sort of poetry. I’ve placed it below. That year after that he came back to share his fascination for the early morning hour in popular culture. Books, movies, TV, poems: 4 A.M. seems to be mentioned all around us. Since that video went online, he has been getting references from all over the world. Now he came back to TED to unravel the mystery and finish the story. The first time I applauded for a TED talk, behind the screen of my computer.

If I controlled the internet