voelt het heel simpel.
Ligt alles dat je nodig hebt,
voor je op tafel.
Schijnt de zon over je gezicht,
die je van binnenuit verwarmt.
Zelfs met je ogen dicht merk je,
dat er meer is dan genoeg.
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The waterfall

Waterfall in Dharamkot, Dharamshala, Himalayan Pradesh, India

The Waterfall

You send me to see the waterfall today
To wash my hands
And clean the sweat of my back
To invoke stillness on my mind
And clearness in my heart
To conquer my ego
So I could wear it as trophy round my neck

But the mind will not be forced
And the heart is not easily diverged
With caves of stubborn pockets of resistance
as guerrilla emotions fighting from hidden places

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